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The Oscar Schmidt Company was founded in 1871.  By the early 1900s, the company had five factories in Europe and a factory on Ferry Street in Jersey City, NJ.  They made all kinds of stringed instruments including guitars, banjos, mandolins, ukuleles, zithers and Autoharps.

In the early 1920s Oscar Schmidt instruments were sold in many rural parts of the country where music stores did not exist.  Blues musicians and country guitar pickers living in areas of the south and Appalachia performed with Oscar Schmidt instruments because of their superior tone and volume characteristics.  In the years before amplification, the projection of sound was very important and Charley Patton is said to have preferred his Oscar Schmidt Stella to a Gibson guitar because the Oscar Schmidt was louder.  It was during the 1930s that Leadbelly's famous Stella 12-string guitar was produced.  Oscar Schmidt continues to produce quality musical instruments, known for great sound and easy playing at affordably prices.  Try one and you will be convinced.

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Oscar Schmidt OG10CE-FLAG Patriotic Acoustic Electric Guitar -



Oscar Schmidt OH52SE Bajo Sexto Guitar  - 

Oscar Schmidt OH32SEQN Bajo Quinto Guitar -





Oscar Schmidt OUNDOLPHIN Dolphin Etched Top

Oscar Schmidt OUNDOVE Dove Etched Top

Oscar Schmidt OUNTURTLE Turtle Etched Top

Oscar Schmidt OUN Butterfly Etched Top



Oscar Schmidt OU1 Concert Ukulele (Assorted Solid Colors) - $69.50

Oscar Schmidt OU2ETAT Acoustic Electric Etched Ukulele -

Oscar Schmidt OU2E Acoustic Electric Concert Ukulele -

Oscar Schmidt OU9 Concert Ukulele (Bacote Wood) -


Oscar Schmidt OU200C Comfort Concert Ukulele (Mahogany) -

Oscar Schmidt OU320 Zebra Wood Concert Ukulele -

Oscar Schmidt OU300F Concert Ukulele (Gloss Flame) -


Oscar Schmidt OUB1 Banjolele Concert Ukulele Banjo -







Oscar Schmidt OU52 Baritone Ukulele -

Oscar Schmidt OU52E Baritone Acoustic Electric Ukulele -





Oscar Schmidt OUB200 Comfort Bass Ukulele -





Oscar Schmidt OM10EWH Acoustic Electric Mandolin (White) -





Oscar Schmidt OB6 6-String Banjo (Tuned and Played like a Guitar) -





Oscar Schmidt OS21C 21-Chord Autoharp -
















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